FAQ – All pictures of our escort girls are real, always updated and authentic. We meet our girls personally in advance to check them accordingly.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Are the pictures real?

All pictures of our escort girls are real, always updated and authentic. We meet our girls personally in advance to check them accordingly. They are only photographed by verified escort photographers, who take the photos of the ladies. As a result, we only publish authentic women on our website.

2 – How can I book an escort lady with the Sexy-Angels Escort Agency?

You can either call our hotline daily from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on +4369910209592, or you can email us by filling out this form here. We ask for your understanding that, for the safety of our accompanying person (s), we can only accept bookings if we have all the details necessary for a booking from you. If you call from a local address to which the accompanying person / s is called, we need the landline number and the name under which the telephone connection is registered at this address. If you are calling from a hotel, we need your name, the name of the hotel and the room number.

3 – How soon, or early, can the lady meet me?

That depends on the zone in which you live or can be found. If you do not live far from the center or are even to be found in the center of your apartment, hotel, etc., it would normally not take longer than 30–40 minutes.

Our escort agency Escort Vienna Sexy-Angels is well organized, and we are one of the agencies that can respond most quickly to inquiries in the area of ​​Vienna escort service and other regions.

If you are sure that you will book a lady, let us know. We will contact the lady immediately and send her your request with your contact information. They can then react to your booking as quickly as possible and get on their way to you. We try to save every minute of your time by offering the best possible service.

4 – Why did some of the escorts have their face censored?

It all depends on the lady’s decision. We don’t ask for their reasons, as these are obvious. You do not want to be recognized by people from your circle of friends or acquaintances. In any case, the faces are not covered because they want to hide any defects. We only accept good-looking ladies! This will surely inspire you as a future regular customer!

5 – What do we expect from our customers?

The man we want as a customer should be intelligent, have good manners, and have traveled the world to some extent. If the latter is also the case, he understands the different countries of origin of our escort ladies, including cultures and traditions, much better. In addition, should have a sense of humor and perhaps an authentic style. We prefer “adult” men because they can generally identify better with their lifestyle as well as with your status in society. They may also show more adequate behavior towards women.

6 – Do you stay discreet?

Personal information about you remains strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. Our management guarantees you 100 percent data protection. After all, our escort ladies want to be treated just as confidentially as you.

7 – Can I book an escort lady and pay at the end?

We are sorry, this is not possible. No escort agency works like this, and for obvious reasons. If you are not satisfied, you will certainly never come back, and you will definitely not recommend us to others. However, we try to satisfy your demands 100%! The best possible customer satisfaction is our priority. You can fully rely on this and be sure!

8 – Are there any fee discounts?

Unfortunately not. Negotiations about fee reductions from our already favorable fee tariffs are perceived as a kind of insult and ruin the mood and our moods for all. Please don’t even ask about it. You don’t go to the supermarket and ask for a discount on a purchase there.

9 – Cancellations

As a customer, you can cancel a booking in the first five minutes after the meeting, but you undertake to pay for the journey (at the fixed rate in Vienna of 30 euros). We would be very pleased if you contact us after the cancellation and inform us about the problem, misunderstanding or the reason.

10 – Complaints

If, in the worst case, you are dissatisfied with your escort lady or her service, please contact us immediately so that we can respond immediately. After the meeting, it is difficult for us to adequately address your complaint. We take every complaint very seriously and help us to improve our customer-friendly service.

11. -The fees

The fees depend, on the one hand, on which girl you have chosen and, on the other hand, how much time you want to spend with her. To get more details, please click on the page of your desired escort girl. The fees of the individual girls can vary. Please hand over the agreed fee to the accompanying person at the beginning of the meeting in cash (euros). If the booking is extended, the fee to be paid for the extension is due with the declaration of extension and must also be handed over to the accompanying person in cash in advance. If you want to pay by bank transfer or credit card, please inform our operator when you make your booking.

12 – Does Sexy-Angels Escort accept calls with suppressed numbers?

We prefer calls with sent contact numbers. In this way we can ensure that there are no fake calls or that the booked girl does not go to a person who does not even exist. It is understandable for us that, for reasons of discretion, this is not always feasible for everyone. We assure you, however, that we attach great importance to always storing and protecting your personal data discreetly.

13 – Security

You can arrange a meeting with our Sexy-Angels by email or phone. Do not hesitate to contact us. For the safety of our ladies, we need your name, the full meeting point address (when visiting a hotel, also the room number) and your telephone or reception number of the hotel. We will then confirm the booking directly to you as you wish, either by e-mail, telephone callback or SMS.

14 – What else do I need to know?

You only pay for the duration of the booking for the escort service of your escort lady / ladies. This is by no means an offer for prostitution. Please understand and accept that the payment amounts are only valid for the respective booking period of the ladies. Under no circumstances do we accept or tolerate any form of coercion or negotiation in relation to sexual activity. Everything else is a matter of personal consent between the adults involved. As a result, any kind of liability is excluded.

FAQ – Sexy-Angels Escort Vienna – 2023